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125 gallon dutch freshwater planted aquarium 0

125 Gallon Freshwater Planted Dutch Tank

Tank Details: SeaClear 125g tall 60″ x 18″ x 24″ w/ extra large top openings 2x 60″ BML Dutch 6300k @ 90 degree beam angle GLA GRO-1 Co2 system w/ 18″ rex griggs reactor Eheim Pro II 2028 w/Biohome mini media Marineland C360 w/Biohome mini media Odyssea 18w UV Sterilizer 300w Eheim Jager heater Custom EI dosing w/ Osmocote+ root tabs Water changes – every...

20L Freshwater Planted Tank 0

20L Freshwater Planted Tank (2012)

Plants: echinidorus tenullus, hyrdocotyle s. japan, crypt spiralis sp., cyrpt undulatus, limnophilia aquaticum, rotalla wallichi, ludwigia repens, limnophilia aromatica, nymphaea zenkiri Fish: harlequin rasbora, fire shrimp, amano shrimp Equipment: 12oz pesurized c02, UPaqua simmple regulator, fluval co2 diffuser, coralife duel t5 (6500k/10,000k), play sand, marineland c130   Created by Alexander Franqui at Aquatics AF

Treeless Mountain Planted Freshwater Aquarium 0

Treeless Mountain Planted Freshwater Aquarium

Equipment: -ADA Mini S (High clarity) -ADA Aquasoil (New type) 3L -ADA Seiryu stone (Thanks Bsk!) -Archaea 30cm LED (All white LED version, thanks Forrestp38829) -Custom 10mm acrylic lily pipes (ADA mini style, thanks Fishkykid1!) -Zoomed 501 canister filter -Paintball CO2 (Jaggedfury style) -Knockoff ADA bubble counter, check valve, and diffuser Flora: Planning on HC, although I may cave and use the UG I have....