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How to: Create a Jarrarium on a budget

What is a Jarrarium? A Jarrarium is a nano-sized aquarium that’s made with a glass jar or vase. Often, Jarrariums are freshwater, containing plants, snails, and even shrimp. Due to their small size, you should never put fish in a jarrarium (not even Betta fish), because they’re too small to fit fish comfortably. I’ve even seen some small saltwater jarrariums that house tiny coral, but...

Explosion – 20L Freshwater Planted Aquarium 0

Explosion – 20L Freshwater Planted Aquarium

  About this Aquascape Flora (plants): hydrocotyle s. japan, glossostigma elatinoides Fauna (animals): wild green neon tetra, cardinal tetra, ember tetra, ruby tetra, pygmy cory, fire shrimp, amano shrimp Equipment: 20oz paintball c02 tank, UPaqua simple regulator,glass ceramic c02 diffuser w/ internal bubble counter , coralife T5HO( 6500k/10000k bulbs), eheim 2232, play sand, EI fertilizer dosing “Exploson” aquascape created by Aquatics AF