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The smallest nano planted aquarium 0

The smallest nano planted aquarium

I suppose this could technically be considered a nano riparium, but this nano planted aquarium is the smallest little aquarium I’ve made. Sand in the front, and eco complete substrate in the back for the plants. It houses pond snails, blue leopard ramshorn snails, copepods, and detritus worms. It’s a tiny complete ecosystem.

nano freshwater planted aquarium in a vase 0

How to: Create a Jarrarium on a budget

What is a Jarrarium? A Jarrarium is a nano-sized aquarium that’s made with a glass jar or vase. Often, Jarrariums are freshwater, containing plants, snails, and even shrimp. Due to their small size, you should never put fish in a jarrarium (not even Betta fish), because they’re too small to fit fish comfortably. I’ve even seen some small saltwater jarrariums that house tiny coral, but...

125 gallon dutch freshwater planted aquarium 0

125 Gallon Freshwater Planted Dutch Tank

Tank Details: SeaClear 125g tall 60″ x 18″ x 24″ w/ extra large top openings 2x 60″ BML Dutch 6300k @ 90 degree beam angle GLA GRO-1 Co2 system w/ 18″ rex griggs reactor Eheim Pro II 2028 w/Biohome mini media Marineland C360 w/Biohome mini media Odyssea 18w UV Sterilizer 300w Eheim Jager heater Custom EI dosing w/ Osmocote+ root tabs Water changes – every...

12 Gallon Nano Reef Tank 0

12 Gallon Cube Nano Reef Tank

About this Reef Tank coral: green torch, red yuma mushroom,green rhodactis mushroom, finger leather, star polyps, zoanthids, yellow polyps, short tentacle plate. Fish: bangai cardinal, green spot mandarin, Halloween hermit crabs, blue/red leg hermit crabs, astrea snails, turbo snail Equipment: deep blue 12in rimless cube, carib sea live sand, deep blue nano LED, korelia nano power head, tetra 100w heater, eheim 2211 filter Nano Reef...

Explosion – 20L Freshwater Planted Aquarium 0

Explosion – 20L Freshwater Planted Aquarium

  About this Aquascape Flora (plants): hydrocotyle s. japan, glossostigma elatinoides Fauna (animals): wild green neon tetra, cardinal tetra, ember tetra, ruby tetra, pygmy cory, fire shrimp, amano shrimp Equipment: 20oz paintball c02 tank, UPaqua simple regulator,glass ceramic c02 diffuser w/ internal bubble counter , coralife T5HO( 6500k/10000k bulbs), eheim 2232, play sand, EI fertilizer dosing “Exploson” aquascape created by Aquatics AF

Eruption – 20L Freshwater Planted Aquarium 0

Eruption – 20L Freshwater Planted Aquarium

About this Aquascape Flora (plants): glossostigma elatinoides, hydrocotyle s. japan, Vesicularia dubyana, fissidens fontanus, anubia nana ‘petite’, rottalla wallichii, rottalla colorata, echinodorus tenellus, Fauna (animals): sunset platie, wild green neon tetra, glass cats, ember tetra, pygmy cory, ruby tetra, scarlet badis, fire shrimp, amano shrimp Aquarium Equipment: 20oz paintball c02 tank, UPaqua simple regulator, fluval c02 diffuser , coralife T5HO( 6500k/colormax bulbs), eheim 2232, play...