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Tropical Plants

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Featured fauna

A Dendrobates Leucomelas climbs on a branch in a vivarium

Leucomelas poison dart frog

Dendrobates leucomelas is found in the northern regions of South America within the tropical forests of Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil, and the eastern part of Colombia. Due to their prolific breeding, they’re some of the most common frogs found within the poison dart frog hobbyist community of North America and Europe. Learn more on Wikipedia. This Leucomelas is one of several within my collection. As of 2021, they’re 6 years old.

Featured video: How to create a jarrarium on a budget

A Jarrarium is a nano-sized aquarium or terrarium that’s made within a glass jar or vase. This video showcases a nano aquarium that I built for some freshwater snails. In my written tutorial, I outline all the materials needed and walk you through a quick step-by-step build process.

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