Hello and welcome to Rainforest Concepts, your new source for vivarium inspiration. Rainforest Concepts showcases the best Aquariums, Terrariums, and Paludariums on the web. This site was created in order to help provide the community with fresh, organized inspiration and provide them with the direction and knowledge to create amazing ecosystems for their flora and fauna.

About The Creator & Curator

Jeff Golenski

My name is Jeff Golenski and I’ve only been apart of this amazing community for 10 short years. In that time, I’ve established a presence and learned a great deal about the art of Paludarium building and Aquascaping from many great sites and many phenomenal people. By trade, I’m a web engineer. For 14+ years I’ve been creating exceptional user experiences and developing websites for dozens of industries. (more at designtactician.com) Which leads me to my next topic…

Rainforest Concepts’ Purpose

It’s obvious there are currently countless sites online dedicated to spreading the knowledge of these lifestyles / hobbies, and attempting to preserve the flora and fauna they revolve around. But I can’t help but notice there are very few which are built well & are extremely organized, and focus on numerous sub genres of herp husbandry, exotic plant culture, and various aquatics. It’s become apparent that many people, like myself, often find themselves jumping from one hobby to the next, and practicing everything in between. I also wanted to create a space that will inspire people to begin partaking in these hobbies / lifestyles as well.

It’s my goal to utilize my vast knowledge of the web industry and give back to the community that I love through this site. Enjoy!