September 19, 2021

Leucomelas carries a tadpole

Leucomelas are one species within the genus of Dendrobates where the male will carry tadpoles and deposit them into pools of water within the forest. They prefer the cups of Bromeliads, which many poison dart frog keepers provide within their vivariums.

A male Leucomelas dart frog carrys a tadpole within one of my vivariums

Interestingly enough, Leucomelas tadpoles can be cannibalistic. If a tadpole is deposited into a bromeliad where a tadpole already exists, the larger tadpole will eat the smaller one.

December 1, 2015

Dendrobates Auratus ‘Bronze and Turquoise’ Poison Dart Frog

A dendrobates auratus 'bronze and turqoise' poison dart frog hunts for food in her vivarium
A dendrobates auratus ‘brown and turqoise’ poison dart frog hunts for food in her vivarium

A Dendrobates ‘Bronze and Turquoise Auratus’ Poison Dart Frog explores a monkey pod within her vivarium, looking for food. These frogs are generally fed “flightless” or wingless fruit flies in captivity, which render them non-toxic.

Photographed by Rainforest Concepts for Paul’s Jungle Exotics